Meet Our Shipping Team

Specialists in logistics and documentation.

The extensive global experience of our Shipping Team ensures seamless procurement and transport of protein products from anywhere, to anywhere. We specialise in each region’s import and export requirements and only engage proven service professionals.

Sharon Turner

Shipping Manager

Diane Coombes

Shipping Coordinator - Indonesia, Malaysia, Middle East & Africas

Helen Kirner

Shipping Coordinator - Australia and New Zealand

Abigail Chan

Shipping Coordinator - Philippines and Americas

Ingrid Boldis

Shipping Coordinator –North & South East Asia, PNG & Pacific Islands

William Wang

Shipping Support

Marcela de Siqueira

Shipping Support - USA, PNG & Asia

Jennifer SookLee

Documentation Officer - North & South Asia, Africas and ROW

Zhanna Kotelnikova

Documentation Officer - Australia and New Zealand

Chloe Chai

Documentation Officer - North & South Asia