Meet Our Trading Team

Wherever you are, and whatever your requirements are, our Trading Team are your responsive point of contact.

Our dedicated team of International Traders at Swift collectively have 150 years of experience in meat trading.

They are continually developing their network of partners to ensure a wide range of options that can be tailored to your needs. It’s important for our Trading Team to maintain quality relationships and understand their markets so they are often travelling.

The News and Events section lets you know which upcoming events around the
world that our traders will be attending.

Harry Tancred

Group General Manager

Chris Ratz

Trading Team Leader - Africa, Indonesia, Vietnam and Australia

Ryan Daley

International Trader - USA, Caribbean, New Zealand and Australia

Natanael Carvalho

International Trader - China, Hong Kong, Brazil, Japan and Malaysia

Ken Im

International Trader - Korea, Taiwan and China

Gavin Fong

International Trader - Pacific Islands, Australia and New Zealand

Ben Hardy

International Trader - PNG, Canada, Europe and Pet Food

Fraser Young

International Trader - Philippines, Thailand and Singapore

Harry Wardle

International Trader - USA and Philippines